Last week, I got the chance to meet an awesome team in a really cool shop.

 The first thing you are bound to notice when walking through Adventure Equipment Cairns' door is the staff's enthusiasm!Hardly a foot through the door and I was greeted by Mark's warm smile distinctiveof a man who loves what he does.

As we talked about sponsorship, he also gave me valuable information about various types of gear that we could use for the expedition. His extensive knowledge and unrivalled service is second to none. I wasn't surprised when he told me that Adventure Equipment Cairns has been providing top quality gear to customers for 15 years! Whether you need help with gear for your next outdoor, travel or adventure experience, they are there to help you chose the right equipment, and trust me, they are great at it. Their service is just top!

 In Mark’s office, my eyes glanced to a newspaper headline poster – Paul Hockey Summits Everest. Paul Hockey made history by being the first person with a disability to stand on the summit of Mount Everest, having climbed from the North Side…  And Adventure Equipment sponsored him for some of his gear! This shows how supportive Mark and his team are to people undertaking adventurous
journeys. I’m very grateful they will be helping us out with a gas cooker, dry bags and water bags.

 I would strongly encourage anyone to pass by Adventure Equipment next time they’re in Cairns. Whether it’s to get advice on gear and future adventures you might be planning or just to say hi,the guys are an adventurous bunch who love the outdoors and love outfitting people who share the same passion. And say hi from me!

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