The first thing I noticed about Will from Campersoz is his
huge smile and great sense of humour. After a short talk with him, I found out he even sailed alongside Sir Peter Blake though many years ago! How’s that for a  coincidence!  

His family business, Campersoz, has been specialising in Cape
York adventure travel for  eight years and will be sponsoring us with a tent which will be very useful in New Zealand’s cold temperatures (we’ve heard they can drop to 5 degree Celsius, even in summer!) 

Will and I also made a deal: we will use the tent while we cycle the length of New
Zealand but once the expedition finishes, we will give the tent to someone who
needs it more than we do. Anyone would agree Will’s sense of community and
support is admirable.

One thing that is to be loved about Campersoz is their spirit of adventure. Although
they focus on The Cape they are still very familiar with the whole Far North
Queensland region and can set up a camping trip for everyone. Campersoz has 3
main business divisions and all of these focus on what they themselves really
enjoy doing - getting out into the Great Australian

They specialise in supplying 4WD rental, camping equipment and off road camper
trailers (sales and rentals) to specifically suit the needs of anyone willing to
brave the Australian camping style! 

So next time you’re ready, you've got your Cairns vacation planned, your mates want
to see the outback by car-camping, but you don't have to lug all that gear on
the plane, drop in to Campersoz. I would also definitely recommend checking out
their website which has great advice on organising such trips.

I guarantee that, just like he did for us, Will will give you great advice,
encouragement and expert knowledge that will make sure your trip is

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