Blog from Shaya in Cairns. A few words before flying off to Auckland.

Today has arrived! In a few hours Jeremy and I will finally get to see each other again. It has been 10 months since we haven't been face-to-face but, thanks to email and facebook, we've been able to keep in contact and organise this expedition.

My bags are ready, I'm proud that the tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, cooker and everything else fitted under the 20kg limit. Quite an achievement for a girl! Dresses and make-up have been traded in for bike shorts and a head-lamp. I noticed my mother has also sneaked in a few chocolate bars to keep  us fuelled throughout the trip.

As I make the final preparations touch-ups, my excitment is growing. At 17 years old, what is yet to come is a dream come true.

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