D - 28



Countdown has begun! 28 days until we start riding from Cape  Reigna. I can already imagine the feeling of freedom as we start to cycle towards Bluff. Having both islands in front of us must be amazing, something I’ve dreamt about for years.

As the blast-off day approaches, we have been busy making final preparations. We are finalizing our equipment lists,
budgets and itinerary. With school coming at its end, it’s easier to concentrate more on North2South logistics.

The support from the community has been great! Media has been getting involved, with already four articles being
published in the last three weeks. Sponsors have been sending us kit which we are busy trying out. Encouragements from everyone have been heart-warming. A big thank you to the letters and smile we receive!

Anyways, off to test out the gas cooker. Keep updated through this blog!

-         Shaya


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