With only 5 days to go, we have been busy sorting out our equipment. A lot of it has been provided by generous sponsors and it has been great fun trying out the tent, gas cooker, sleeping bag, water bags and other important pieces. We have to make sure we know how everything works before hitting the road to avoid any problems down the line.

Our bags have been meticulously organised with only the necessary being packed. It is interesting trying to figure out what will really be needed and what is just superfluous. Questions arised like "How many shirts?", "Do we take a laptop?"... luckily more experienced riders have been pitching in with their advice!

All these preparations only adds to the excitment of finally hitting the open roads!

11/22/2012 09:53:01 am

Hi Shaya, so good to get your mail this morning, and boy, has time flown! I will be watching your progress with interest, and i loved your `blogg`. Have a great time seems a wishy, washy way of saying i`m tottally envious of your trip!! In Shona ( Zimbabwe dialect...`HUMBA GUSHLE`...travel safe)...Allen.

11/22/2012 09:53:35 am


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