Day 22



Yesterday marked an important milestone for us when we arrived in Wellington. The North Island is finally completed! Reflecting on the trip so far, 1000 kilometers of gorgeous valleys and breath-taking scenery has taught us a lot.

Teamwork, motivation, mental and physical toughness were some of the tools we needed to make it this far. How did we do it? We like to think of it as a video game.

We each have a player (ourselves) that we need to get from Cape Reinga to Bluff in 47 days within a certain budget. These players need to be healthy, fed and full of vitality. In between these two checkpoints are obstacles that we must overcome like hills, cities and rain. It's that simple. By looking at this way, each leg of the trip becomes a new level and we are proud to have made it half-way!

Of course, here, we only get one life. Reason to make the best of it (and be safe)!
We're looking forward to catching the ferry tomorrow morning and start the second half of this expedition. Until then, time to explore what Wellington has to offer. Once again, photos are available on Facebook.

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