Day 28



The last four days have been the most challenging so far! The mountains really have started testing us physically and emotionally. We've been rolling up and down roads that never seem to end, contourning rivers and villages. It's been a beautiful couple of days which has shown us the importance of teamwork.

Both of us are known in our social circles for having strong personalities, not use to compromising very often (basically the usual teenage "our way or the highway") Out here, we need to adjust to the conditions. Last night we came up with different reasons we think our team is working so well:

- We have a common goal to ride the length of New Zealand. We know that without each other, our chances are slimmer to make the bottom of the island.

- We have very similar interests, therefore, it makes it so much easier to make decisions in terms of camping, itinerary and food.

- We have come to understand that we both need our personal space from time to time. We know to back off when one needs time to their own.

With this in mind, we are confident the trip will continue amazingly! By striving to have an enthusiastic, kind and cheerful attitude 100% of the time, Bluff becomes within reach.

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