Day 3



Yesterday we picked up our bikes at Natural High Bike Hire in Auckland. They gave us brand new bikes and equipped us with four panniers each. We spent the morning organising everything. Each of us is carrying one bag with our "room" with sleeping bags, mats and a tent, one bag is our clothes, one for our tools and a final one for the kitchen.

Once everything was organised, we bought food for the next three days as we heard there won´t be any up North. (Carrots, apples and pasta will do the trick for now!) We slept for our first outdoors night which certainly gave us a reality check for the temperature! 20

Today we took the first bus from Manukau to Kaitaia which took 8 hours. It was a chance to catch up on sleep and talk about the trip logistics. Once arrived, we met up with Johannes Strassner who is an 18 year old film-maker who will be following us for a while. You can check some of his awesome work at

Tonight we will be heading to New Zealand´s most northern point, Cape Reigna, where we will start the expedition tomorrow. That´s it for now, photos are available on Facebook!

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