Day 31



We have entered New Zealand's glacier region! Surprisingly, the hills aren't that bad. We've also had the chance to meet some incredible people on the way.

So you thought we were mad? Just yesterday, we met Henrik who is cycling around the world. He has been on the road for more than a year. Even though he doesn't look like your typical cyclist with his checkered shirt, the miles he has accumulated is amazing! Listening to him, he really showed us through his stories that nothing is impossible.

People like that on the road really inspire us to give our best and follow our dreams. Today we met another cyclist whom we rode with all day. Julien, from Quebec is a 22 year old cyclist and we are enjoying having some company after being on the road for a month. It's great to see how others are handling their journeys through New Zealand, we realise that we're not doing bad ourselves!

As teenagers, it's great to meet people who expand our outlook on the world. People who show us that when you put your mind to something, anything is realisable. Can't wait to see what other surprises the road holds!

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