Day 33



This morning, we woke up drenched from the rain. We decided to leave as soon as possible to avoid our sleeping bags from getting wet as well. We rode all day under the rain, with a flat tyre. In the South Island, if we don't ride fast enough, the sand-flies get us... toughest conditions so far.

It is challenging days like these that make us appreciate the sunny ones. It is through these "bad" days that we really see how we react out of our comfort zone. We have to make an extra effort to stay positive but it is a good experience.

Even though the conditions aren't the best at the moment, we are making the most of what we have and keeping a sense of humour about it. Anyway, we're off to find a spot to camp for the night. More news will follow in two days when we reach Wanaka for New Year's eve.


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