Day 35



Rain, rain and more rain. That's what the weather forecast has been saying in each visitor center on the West Coast. So where do we camp? We thought we'd explain.

Every night the same question arises, where is a good, dry and warm place to spend the night. On a limited budget hostels and campsites can quickly blow the daily expenses. That's where our imagination comes handy. For the last month we have only wild camped, no exeptions in towns. Schools, abandoned buildings, sheds and carparks make the perfect accomodation for young travellers like us. No need to shower when there is a lake and hot water can wait. Laundry can be done in the river, so all we need is somewhere safe to spend the night.

Sometimes it can be tough, not knowing where we will sleep, especially when thunderstorms hit. But with a bit of faith, we know we are always looked after. Tonight we are in Wanaka, the same mission goes... another spot to find. Once again, our gut feeling will help us find a perfect "homely" spot to rest up for tomorrow's hills.

We would like to wish everyone a happy New Year, we hope you have had a great 2012 and that your resolutions are hunting for the stars! In 2013, we would like to reach Bluff.. and lots more! ;)

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