Day 36



Every town we ride into, our bikes get quite a lot of attention. We've found that the same questions usually arise. Here's a short list of the most frequently asked:

1) "Isn't New Zealand super hard to ride in?"
- No, we usually walk the tough hills which makes the whole trip very do-able.

2) "How many kilometers do you ride a day?"
- Anywhere from 50 to 110km a day.

3) "How long does that take you?"
- In hilly terrain, 10km can take us an hour but on flat roads we can double the kilometers.

4) "What do you eat on the road?"
- There's supermarkets throughout New Zealand so it is fairly easy to stock up. Breakfast usually consists of an apple and packet of biscuits. Lunch is carrots, tuna and chickpeas. Dinner is always pasta and tomato sauce. The whole lot topped up with lots of lollies and water.

5) "How much does everything weigh?"
- When fully stocked up, we are both riding with approximately 40kg each (yes, we struggle on some hills!)

6) "Why the hell are you doing this?"
- For the adventure, experience, travel and to fundraise for the Sir Peter Blake Trust and Save Our Seaturtles. But also for the heck of it, it's actually a lot of fun and we hope to inspire people to undertake their own trips.

Still got questions? Ask ahead, we'd be happy to answer them!

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