After riding in the rain for a few days we finally made it to Queenstown! For the whole trip, we always saw Queenstown as a milestone, the town of "adventurers". It was a great feeling to ride into town, knowing we already had cycled more than 2000 kilometers. 

It's hard for us to believe we've been on the road for 38 days. It seems like we have slightly lost the notion of time. Our "homely" daily routines have been shaken and replaced by a nomadic lifestyle. We feel a bit embarassed to ask which day it is to cashiers sometimes; to us the days go by numbers... today is day 38.

We realise we have already learned so much about New Zealand, its environment, people and culture in such a short time, yet so much feels unexplored. By being outside for more than a month, we have also discovered more about ourselves, our personal ambitions and challenges.

We see this last leg of the trip as the final sprint. With only 10 days left, we hope to keep transforming our days into impactful memories. Check out Facebook for more photo updates and for those who want to pitch in with a few f:

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