Tomorrow we will reach Bluff after 42 days on the road! We are now in Lumsden and reflecting on what we have learnt through this adventure. Here is an individual recount:

"I learned that the key to sucess in an expedition is team-work. A good team spirit is what will get you to the finish line. We were really fortunate to get on that well, our characters were matching perfectly. That's why we always knew that together we could do this. Giving up wasn't even an option. When one had a bad day, the other one was there to help. I realised that in life, you can go so much further than you could ever imagine if you manage to work as a team."

" Riding the length of New Zealand taught me so much about the country, people, environment and myself. The expereince also particularly opened my eyes and gave me a new perespective on achieving goals. Through this adventure, I was shown that any dream can be reduced to small steps that become realisable. I was amazed by how far we can go with ambition, discipline, and enthusiasm. The North2South expedition armed me with important tools I will be able to use throughout my life such as team-work, creativeness and many more."

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