Today, after 2300km and six weeks on the road, we finally reached our final destination: Bluff!

We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout this adventure. We sure learnt a heck! If it hadn't been for a great support team, we would not have made it this far.

Thank you to our sponsors, Campersoz, PD Bikeworks, Cairns Adventure Equipments, Natural High and Camping World for providing us with great gear. Thanks to The Sir Peter Blake Trust for believing in us and always showing enthusiasm for our crazy ideas. Thank you to Johanness Strassner for capturing our first moments on the road. Thank you to Kelvin, Shelley and Dave Thomas, Lucinda as well as Rick for letting us stay a few precious nights indoor. Kevin, for your great coaching! Thank you to Tilmann and everyone who gave us great advice before we hit the roads. And finally thank you to everyone who made this journey a tiny bit easier, family, friends and everyone else, you know who you are.

So what's next? We will both continue our studies, giving our best as always and keeping our sense of adventure deep within ourselves! The memorie

01/08/2013 2:16am

Congratulations ¡¡ we are very proud of you


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