Yesterday we woke up in a tent drenched by a rainy night. Sleeping bags and clothes were still dripping as we headed off riding under the rain. We cycled the whole day through a magnificent forest, stopping only to eat.

Today we are in Dargaville, we got the chance to meet up with the local newspaper for a short interview and photo. We have two long days of cycling ahead as we hope to reach Helensville (180km away) before Wednesday night where we will spend 2 days resting in a farm. So far we have been flat-out cycling so it will be nice to meet new people and enjoy other things New Zealand has to offer.

Everyday we have a fairly similar routine after cycling. Around 6pm (the sun sets at about 9pm) we start to look for a safe place to sleep. Once settled, we start to cook dinnner (usually pasta or rice) on the cooker. We wait until it's dark to set up the tent. We then lay out our sleeping bags and mats. After logging our day in our journals, we listen to music for a few minutes before rapidly falling asleep.

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