Last night were quietly sitting behind the fire brigade in Wellsworth cooking pasta after a hard 100km ride. Suddenly, about 30 firemen arrived for their weekly training session. It was with amazing hospitality that they greeted us! With open arms they invited us to spend the evening in their company. We don't meet too many people while riding so it was with great pleasure that we listened to their stories and watched as they undertook rescue exercises.

We got a good night's sleep (and especially a warm one!) in the brigade's shed. It's amazing how people are interested to know where we are heading and where we come from. It's great to have unique moments where we can share stories with locals. Tonight we will be sleeping in a farm where Kelvin has kindly agreed to let us stay for a day. Once again, we are looking forward to the exchange!

Although we do not see many people on the road, the fields that surround us are unlike what we have seen before. Cows and sheep surround us, as we cycle up and down the endless valeys.

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